Here are some of the top Central Texas gardening errors.

Failure is a big portion of being a true gardener. Below is an inventory of gardening errors based on our observations of others around us, and several years of our experiences.


Our property is broken up by the Balcones Escarpment, a line handily marked by I35. In case you reside east of the interstate highway, your soil will be clay only, also to the west it’s caliche and stone.

You will find yet pockets on both sides that can have stone, clay, caliche or some mix of all three, simply to confuse matters! We mainly have water and alkaline earth.

2. Over-planting and over-crowding.

It’s difficult to recall when you put a rosemary bush that is new, that it may grow to be 6’ broad. Plants with a good flow of air and appropriate spacing contend less, are much less stressed and can fend off disease. To fill these holes, consider yearly colour that may be changed seasonally.

3. Wrong pruning techniques.

If a plant is pruned by you, you happen to be sending a sign that new development should start. New development is more painful and sensitive than standard to warmth and cold, so you might lose what would ordinarily be a plant only since the time of your pruning was off, if you prune too late or too-soon in springtime or in the autumn. Additionally it is a mistake to over-prune trees and shrubs. Some gardeners proceed to get a tough prune on the ill-fated crape myrtles.

4. Underestimation of care time needed to get a garden that is new in appearance.

Heading to implement xeric with granite and indigenous plants and removing all grass is a fruitful water-saving thought. Yet it might take more hours to maintain than mowing your lawn once weekly, and preserving a neat appearance. Understand what you’re jumping into prior to making a difficult turn to a brand-new design of landscaping.

5. Putting the variety that is incorrect.

One instance is investing in a peach tree that might perhaps not possess the appropriate cooling hours (number of hrs below 45 degrees) for the Hays county region. Your mobile device(cell) is an excellent tool for studying on the correct kinds to plant in your area.

6. Use of inferior quality potting plant foods and soil.

The stuff that is correct can make your employment as a gardener look almost simple. Create an experiment having a couple low-cost annual crops in pots making use of your outdated regimen as the opportunity to get a grip on in the event, in case you do not happen to be confident in regards to a brand new type and find out which is best suited for your plants.

7. Neglect

We often get used to the hotter winters and neglect the fact that individual plants still get walloped every season . We subsequently lose a number of the plants we neglect, like Delight of Barbados and Meyer lemon-trees.

8. Giving crops the incorrect levels of sunlight or shade.

We occasionally make this error, attempting to drive a plant to develop where it is wanted by us at our house, rather than where it’d do most useful. Move it to where it will thrive, not just where you think it would look better.

9. Consider that we’re ensured success with our better plant selections.

This dates back straight back to the notion, as well as the issue of failure, that we are undertaking a trial and error landscaping attempt.

Hang in there and you will be surprised at how you can become a much better gardner – even in Texas!